• The Apocalypse Trilogy

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    Episode 1, 2 & 3 of THE APOCALYPSE OF ST. JOHN docudrama series.
    The Book of Revelation seen and explained like never before.
    IMPORTANT: While Episodes 1 & 2 have English audio, Episode 3 has only English subtitles but the audio is in the original Spanish.

  • E1 | Letters to the 7 Churches | The Apocalypse...

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    Saint John writes 7 letters addressed to the churches of Ephesus, Smyna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardes, Philadelphia and Laodicea. Tradition has always believed that these 7 letters are prophecies that refer to 7 epochs in the history of the Church until the Second Coming of Christ.
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  • E2 | The 7 Seals | The Apocalypse...

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    The Lamb opens the 7 seals while st.John watches its terrible consequences. According to tradition, the 7 seals reveal events that prelude the second coming of Christ, including war, famine and the last great persecution.
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  • E3 | The 7 Trumpets | Spanish w/ English Subtitles

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    The 7 angels blow the 7 trumpets. Each gives rise to a terrible calamity that shakes the Earth. According to the traditional interpretation, the 7 trumpets reveal the emergence of heresies, which gradually lead to the last heresy, the heresy of the Antichrist.
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